Recap AMA VIC Group x DIA

Our AMA session will have 3 Parts

👉 Part 1 : Basic Introduction of DIA Project and Guest Samuel Brack is Technica Lead , Carl Bruns is Communications Lead of DIA Project .

👉Part 2: Guest Samuel Brack of Technica Lead , Carl Bruns of DIA Projectwill answer community questions from to form

👉Part 3: All members can ask anything directly about DIA Protocol.

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👉 Part I : Basic Introduction of DIA Project and Guest Carl Bruns is Communications Lead of DIA Project.

VIC Group:

Please @carlbruns briefly introduce yourself and the DIA DATA project ?

Carl Bruns :
Hi everyone! First off — really sorry that today our technical lead samuel can not make it. He is very busy preparing the end of the bonding curve sale and asked me to take over.

About me: I’m Carl, the CMO at DIA. Since my economics studies in The Netherlands, I have been working on venture building in different industries, ranging from publishing, to proptech, to personal banking. Before I joined DIA as communications lead, I built an online marketing agency called ABCD agency and since 3 yars I am heading up comms for DIA.

DIA is an open-source Oracle platform for the DeFi economy. We provide the infrastructure and incentive mecahnisms to enable the community to source, validate and use transsparent and trusted data.
To introduce the rest of my team who isn’t here:

Samuel Brack is our technical lead. He is a cryptography expert and has founded web3 projects before, namely a bonus program for sustainable shopping, together with our CEO:

Michael Weber is the lead for DIA and is responsible for designing the product and controlling finances. He has vast experience in investment banking and has founded blockchain companies in the past.

Finally, Paul Claudius is the fourth lead. He is the lead for all things business development and strategy. He has founded and built several startups and also has a strong financial background.

It seems that through the introduction, the DIA team knows quite well the cryptocurrency market and has had a lot of experience over the years. @carlbruns.

Carl Bruns:
We have a few years of experience on our backs, yes. I always say that anyone who claims to understand the crypto market is probably wrong. It is still so young and dynamic — we all still need to be learning *smile*.

👉Part II: Guest Samuel Brack of Technica Lead , Carl Bruns of DIA Projectwill answer community questions from to form

Thanks to the group’s introduction as well as a brief on the project, we’ll move on to Part II answering questions gathered from the community from the form.
We will get to the first question Q. Can you list 2–3 killer features of DIA’s that makes it ahead of its competitors? @carlbruns

Carl Bruns:
I would love to! I would say there are two killer features of DIA: Crowd-sourcing and open-sourcing.

Crowd-sourcing and the accompanying incentivisation mechanisms through token staking make DIA’s data sourcing process really advantageous. First off, we leverage the brains of thousands of community members worldwide, giving us a host of perspective and input to arrive at the best solution. In addition, leveraging the crowd enables really good scalability. We expect the set of available DeFi products to expand dramatically in the next years. These will require a very broad set of different data. Crowd-sourcing is the only solution that allows scaling this up and down depending on demand.

The second killer feature is open-source. The open-source approach is great, because by providing data, oracles and scraper code open-source, we ensure full transparency of the solution thereby subjecting it to constant scrutiny of the community and public, thus enabling continuous validation. In addition we try to nurture open-source innovation and provide all the code we produce so that the ecosystem can develop on top of it and improve anything we produce. Done.

The second question is pretty cool I think is something many people also want to ask Question .Why does DIA token choose ERC-20 as the original platform and not other platforms like Tron, EOS ……. What are the advantages of DIA when using on ERC-20? @carlbruns.

Carl Bruns:
Yes that’s a great question! We chose to start ubilding on Ethereum for a very simple reason: It is the most developed smart contract enabled chain and has the largest and most active developer community. But that does not mean we are limited to ethereum. DIA is built blockchain agnostic, so we will be able to deploy on or expand to other chains if we want to in the future. Done.

Thanks for the very detailed answer of @carlbruns we hope in the future we will see DIA a new look and many updates.
— Continued with a question about DIA DATA features Question . What are the highlights of the Decentralized Information Asset (DIA) Project? @carlbruns.

Carl Bruns:
There are so many highlights, it’s hard to pick a place to start 🙂 I will concentrate on three things.

What I am most excited about is the novelty of our approach. It is the first one we have seen that leverages the benefits of decentralisation also for the sourcing and validation of data and I think it is the most promising product solution out there.

Next I want to highlight DIA’s interest program for DIA holders. Until today at 11pm CET (7.5hours left ), all DIA holders can lock their DIA tokens for 3/6/12 months to earn interest and commit to DIA for the long run. Here are all the details:

Lastly, I want to highlight that we have just announced our first CEX listing. We are really happy to join the ranks of KuCoin! Another CEX will be announced later today — stay tuned to our channels in the next hours to not miss it . Done.

In addition to Kucoin, there will be more news about DIA DATA, we will update today. We will look forward to it.

Question 4 .From a startup project to a mainstream project, being a pioneer in the industry, do you anticipate that many new startups will show up and compete? @carlbruns.

Carl Bruns:
Yes, we certainly do. It would also be no surprise — the current hype of DeFi makes an entry into the space very attractive in terms of opportunity. But the growth also drives an intrinsic need for oracle solutions, as the continued adoption of DeFi will increase the demand for good data.

We welcome new players to the market. It is really important to keep innovation pressure high and to make sure that there is not only one player on the market. Even if we have built in decentralisation and plurality into our product architecture, we always recommend using several sources and systems to get data, in order to have the best possible outcome. Done.

Thanks for the answer @carlbruns we will move on to the last question which ends part II and move on to part III

Last Question . Your main direction is DeFi. Will it have any significant role in crypto adoption? How do you see the future of it? @carlbruns.

Carl Bruns:
First off — yes that is correct — DeFi is currently our main focus, but we explicitly also provide data for the traditional financial markets. We are seeing this huge spike in the adoption of DeFi at the moment. DeFi just makes sense and people are starting to realise it and going into the market. We have gotten this far, but if we want to move into dimensions of traditional finance, we need to grow and evolve the ecosystem and one of the most important parts of that is to make sure we have a trustable data foundation that fuels this new economy. If this can be solved and if ethereum’s nascent scalability challenges can be solved when they become too burdensome, I see a bright future. We have to be patient and keep building for a few more years though, before we can even dream of reaching levels comparable to traditional finance. Done.

Thanks for the interesting questions from the community and thanks @carlbruns for the answers end part II

👉Part III: All members can ask anything directly about DIA Protocol.

After the answer ends part II, everyone prepares the question for part III, the group will unmute so everyone participating in this part prepare the question.

Question 1: How important is the community to the DIA Data Project? and how can we collaborate or help DIA Data for the development of the project?

Carl Bruns:
This question really stands out to me. The community is of the highest priority to DIA. DIA is not only doing a token distribution to the community, but the community and the token it holds is deeply embedded into the architecture of DIA. We not only rely on the community to work on the bounties we put out for data sourcing, to validate submitted and existing solutions and to suggest and build features for the platform itself — our explicit goal is to fully decentralise the governance of DIA until 2025, in order to vote on the future of the Association itself. So in that sense at some poijnt DIA will be the community.

Question 2: What is the structure of the company, is it a decentralised, open sourced protocol where everybody can contribute? If so, how does the governance plan on being handled?

Carl Bruns:
The current bonding curve distribution is the first step towards decentralising the organisation to a full DAO in 2025. This is a gradual process that can not happen all at once. In the coming 5 years we plan to drive adoption, further development of the platform and continue the distribution of the token via various mecahnisms. At some point, the communtiy will be in full control of DIA.

Question 3: From where does DIA gather market data, are there required for DIA to have partnerships with exchanges to gather information regarding markets and are the datas available for public?

Carl Bruns:
Great question. Market data is all around. Exchanges usually have open API’s that we can connect to and pull the data. But there are a host of other sources that we can tap. A lot of the value comes after the sourcing, i.e. standardising access (which also means that there is one gateway that has a broad range of data sources), applying methodologies for calculations and also choosign the right set of sources to use for a certain oracle. For some more specific datasets, we may need to partner, but currently the pricing data from exchanges is available from API’s.

Question 4: Who are the potential customer Dia Data is focusing to? What is your marketing strategic plan to attract more users in your platfom?

Carl Bruns:
There are a wide set of stakeholders for data. The most obvious ones are DeFi platforms like Maker, Synthetix, Compund etc — any platform that needs data to value their financial products and have a high exposure to the quality of data. Beyond that there are many application possibilities, from media publications showing prices, to research endeavours to regulators and auditors who need a fully transparent audit trail. The users are in B2B, so there is already a concerted business development and sales effort to lock in the best customers. We are already talking to many of them — I wish I could already share that with you, but we will announce it soon on our channels.

Question 5: How do you see Defi potential for Diadata right now!? What role do you think DIA will takes to makes defi better in global usage!?

Carl Bruns:
The main thing we do is provide trusted and transparent data open source, so that everyone can participate in a level playing field! This will drive adoption int he log run
Thanks Carl Bruns for taking the AMA time with us today. Thank you to everyone who joined the AMA today. AMA END. !!!!

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