Recap AMA VIC Group with SEEDER Finance

Mr Bụt

💥Dear Community, Today VIC GROUP will an AMA with SEEDER FINAN and Guests MIKE is CEO and JOE Head of Strategy of SEEDER FINANCE

Today’s AMA we have 3 parts

👉Part 1: Basic introduction to SEEDER FINANCE and Guest MIKE is CEO and JOE Head of Strategy of SEEDER FINANCE

👉Part 2: Guest MIKE is CEO and JOE Head of Strategy of SEEDER FINANCE will answer questions from to form

👉Part 3: Any member can directly ask anything about SEEDER FINANCE

And now we are going to part I of AMA

👉Part 1: Basic introduction to SEEDER FINANCE and Guest MIKE is CEO and JOE Head of Strategy of SEEDER FINANCE

Could you please introduce briefly about the Project and yourself? @summerwinterpeterautumn @SeederMod

Seeder Mod

Hi everyone and thank you.

We are a group of Crypto experts as well as ex bankers.

who is very focus on making a DeFi world simpler

by introducing a product that is easy to use

and engaging with all of our users

Therefore SEEDER Finance aims to be the simplest DeFi project allowing leveraged yield farming on Binance Smart Chain. It allows users to make the most returns and profits from seeding and farming and activities throughout the platform.

On top of that, the gaming aspect of the platform will allow users to be engaged as well as truly be a part of the platform.

Seeder Joe

From my experiences, though we are in the globalization age, there still a lot of barriers from nation to nation. However, decentralize finance is the real opportunity that connect the world together and have us operate interoperably in the same manner — no matter what we are. And that’s why we aim to create this seeder project

which aims to connect the real world to defi world in multiple aspects

Seeder Mod
On is the Fun part and the other is the Fund part.

where the Fun part focuses on the Gaming aspect and the Fund part focuses on the realworld Venture Capital Fund.

Seeder Joe

You might see they are two different things but we do belive it’s all connected

The fund part is what’s there in defi world i.e.l leverage farming, fund raising, and etc

Seeder Mod

this is LEAF4FUND that aims to be the connector to the VC fund where by we will represent the Fund in the platform for our users to invest in.

Seeder Joe

The fun part is where we want to bridge blockchain gaming to mobile gaming, which no one not really success at that

Seeder Mod

this is LEAF4FUN that aims to engage users on a daily basis and allow people to have fun while investing in the platform

Our tokenomics was done in such a way that would allow the most return for our users

where will had introduce deflation mechanism in order for our Governance token LEAF to retain its value throughout the life of the project

the utility of LEAF will be essential to the project in many apects. From earning LEAF in order to have TREE and using LEAF for gaming and for investment into the fund.

Seeder Joe

We really believe in the long term commitment of the holders, so we introduce a concept of “Ownership token” where holder are able to get a dividend that platform generated. Like owning a company stock, not just a governance token that doesn’t hold a real income stream

— that’s TREE token — that we introduce, and you can’t just simply buy it from the market. It takes time and commitment.

Seeder Mod

this is just a starting point for us. we have an ambitious plan to go global and everything starts from here

that’s in a nutshell a quick intro to our project

Mr Bụt

Thanks for the detailed introduction of the project from the guest, we will move on to part II of the AMA

👉Part 2: Guest MIKE is CEO and JOE Head of Strategy of SEEDER FINANCE will answer questions from to form

Question 1 . How will SEEDER FINANCE generate profits / income to sustain and what is the revenue model? How will it benefit SEEDER FINANCE and your investors?

Seeder Mod

2 ways — 1. the fees from farming activities and gaming revenue from gaming partners as well as our own games and 2. from the gain of the VC funds being represented and tokenized in the platform in the future

Mr Bụt

Thanks for the reply from the guest

Question 2 : How secured is SEEDER FINANCE’s smart contracts code, did you ever audit it via any third party? What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in your project development?

Seeder Joe

The first part is simple — same as other platform that generate revenue from product activity such as lending, swap transaction, etc. But as I mentioned before, we aim for exponential growth from gaming platfrom through partners

we develop our gaming platform and create some smart contract that specific for gaming for other gaming developer to use

so they can create defi game on our platform easier i.e. oracle for some specific game tasks.. think of this as an app store model.

Seeder Mod

Answer to Question 2: Our Prelim report is done with an auditor with no critical issues or issues related to the ability for funds to be taking from the platform. We will be publishing the final report soon. Since we didn’t fork any code from anyone, there is no unknow issues that could aris. The most challenging thing for us is ‘time’ as we want to deliver a lot of good features and want to deliver the full value to our users.

Seeder Joe

we use 3 auditors (at this moment) to make sure our platform is safe

The security of fund is the utmost important things of the platform

Mr Bụt

Yes, thanks for the answer from the guest, we will continue to the 3rd question

During building your project, did you take into account community feedback and needs?Since it is necessary to popularize your knowledge of cryptocurrencies today, do you have any plans to attract people who do not know about cryptocurrencies and SEEDER FINANCE?

Seeder Joe

For defi, feedback is the most valueable things we can have

Seeder Mod

Yes, definitely, we often take our community feedback and update our features and products and sometimes short-term roadmap as long as they are aligned with our long-term strategy and vision.

Seeder Joe

time moves differently in defi than the normal world, most of the project born and die within a week compare to years in the real world. So we believe strongly in taking community feedback and makes the project better

Seeder Mod

we definitely want to attract everyone and that’s the reason why we create a simple way to use our platform

Seed -> Plant -> Pluck…

Seeder Joe

Also another strategy to bring more people on our NFT gaming is to parallel development between blockchain part and mobile part. Where the mobile game is the same as what people play daily but when you need important interaction with game data you have to go on chain

I’d call it on chain-off chain gaming

Mr Bụt

Yes, thanks for the explanation from the guest, we will move on to the next question

Question : Adoption is one of the important factor that all sustainable blockchain projects should focus to be more attractive in the investors’s eyes. What did SEEDER FINANCE do and plans to do to achieve real world adoption?

Seeder Mod

By making it very easy for everyone to participate and execute on the roadmap

1. Our gaming features both long game and mini games that allows users to take part in earning revenue from the project

2. NFT that represents world renowed characters that will be anncounced soon

3. Connection with the real world Fund that can be represented in the platform as FUND tokens

The way we will be sustainable is thru the sharing of revenue so that everyone truly have a piece of the pie, not only the gain of the token price

Mr Bụt

Thanks for the answer, let’s move on to the next question

Question : Liquidity, Transaction fees and slippage are always important factors in Finance services. How does SEEDER FINANCE solve the above problem to attract users?

Seeder Mod

We are planning to add more liquidity partner to help in this manner and certainly we are planning to list on a centralized exchange (Tier 1 and 2) within this year. We believe that this will help with the liquidity of LEAF and will help to stablize the price of LEAF.

At the beginning of the project, there’s not enough liquidity so the price can’t be stabilized but now we are approcing equilibirum point so the liquidity will naturally increase

and especially most of the early adopters already convert governence token to ownership token at 80% rate in only one day, I believe we now have a strong liquidity foundation to resist early inflation and move forward

It’s fair to say that our current holders are fans 🙂

Mr Bụt

yes thanks for the answer we will continue with the next question

Question : What important milestones does SEEDER FINANCE aim to achieve by the end of this year and in the future? How will it help you and how will SEEDER FINANCE be successful in 2021 and beyond?

Seeder Mod

1. Execute our roadmap according to our overall strategy and vision

2. Drive our gaming revenue and share the revenue with our token holders through partnering with world-renowed characters and launching mini games

3. List on a Tier 1 Exchange to drive more liquidity of the tokens

4. Parnter with Venture Capital fund to crate Fund Tokens withing the platform

Mr Bụt

Thanks for the reply from our guest to the next question

Question : How is SEEDER FINANCE developing? How do you retain users and attract new users to your platform?

Seeder Mod

By making everything as simple as possible for our users to invest and make returns from the platform by gamifying all aspects of the platform to draw users and drive engagement.

As you can see, we haven’t done much marketing. We focus on develop products, get feedbacks, and fine tune to make sure that we delivert the best product that suits the community

I do believe more users will come from the sucess product, not from the marketing

Mr Bụt

Yes thank you. we will end part II with the final question

What is your plan for global expansion? At present, which market does focus on, or is it focused on building and growing to gain customers, users and partners?

Seeder Mod

We are now focusing on building communities across the world. we now have communities in Thailand, Vietnam, India, Korea, and expanding to a few more in the future.

Our focus now is to deliver our 1st game and partnering with both NFT and mini games. The LEAF tokens will be the heart of everything we do in the platform as well as being the key to allow participants to make revenue from the platform. Our global expansion will be through driving strong communities and support across the world.

Mr Bụt

Yes thank you for all the questions and answers from the guests

We will continue with part III, the group will unmuted everyone to ask questions now
Question : Are there any benefit by holding your token, for example any reward or incentives?
There are governance token “LEAF” and ownership token “TREE”. By holding TREE you can enjoy stream of income from plaform revenue i.e. revenue from games
Question : Truly, you’ve done AMA in many telegram groups, so what next, what other way will you make your project more popular??
We are planning on Marketing the project on a larger scale. We have many partnership annoucements in the future and will be a lot more PR in general from us. Stay tune and get connected with us through our official channels.
Question : How can I buy this token? Is it available on any exchange?
Currently you can buy the tokens thru the buy button from our home page.. or click here..
Question : Lately most projects on the Crytocurrency space are characterized by serious security issues. What steps have taken to ensure that security is not an issue here?
We use proprietary smart contract and any close loop (on platform) financial function so we are confident that there won’t be unforeseen security issues like other project that just fork other project from github. We build and know our own code.Beside we ensure the most security by employ 3 different audit to triple check our code.
Question : Partnership is always an important factor for every project. So who is SEEDER FINANCE’s partner? What are the benefits you get from those relationships?
As mentioned, we are working with a few partners that will be essential to our business model. One area is the partner for our NFT games. We are in negotiation with a few house hold names now and should be announcing these partnerships soon. The other area is in the mini games that we can quickly generate revenue from.
Question : NFT is very hot trend now, do you pretend to catch up with this trend or still follow and focus your original roadmap? create values, not create TREND !Can you describe how is burn system work in your project? Because I think burn is important to up value and price of token?
NFT is coming but the reason we go this way is not the tread but the technology itself that enable certian game aspect to be develop on blockchain. There are so many gaming NFT project that only issue NFT and sell without any game play which I think it’s a bs. We are here to show how to develop the real use of NFT gaming — details is what I already answered in part 2.

for burn, it’s only a tool to increase the price when government token doesn’t worth anything so it reduce the supply and push the price higher. We have burn but just to counter inflation that we introduce when we launch the project earlier. But our key is not governance token but ownership token where holder can have a real revenue stream.
Question: I want to have a LONG TERM INVESTMENT with your platform, but I’m in doubts right now, how can you convince and assure me this project is Secured and PROFITABLE?
We offer a very unique opportunity for our long term holders to own a piece of our revenue stream and truly be a part of the platform. We already demonstrated this with our first mini game lauched and will conitnue to do so regardless of the token price, you will surly have a good up side from holding and investing in our project.
Mr Bụt

Well once again thank you to the 2 guests and everyone who attended the AMA today

Seeder Mod

Thank you for having us!

Seeder Joe

Thank you everyone. Thank you for having us here today, it’s been a pleasure.

Mr Bụt

If you have any questions, please join the group


🌐 Join SEEDER FINANCE channel

And group Seeder Vietnam :





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