Recap AMA VIC Group with Plutos

Mr Bụt

💥Dear community, VIC GROUP will host an AMA with PLUTOS Network

Juan Capilla

Hey, guys! So happy to be here!

Mr Bụt

AMA today consists of 3 parts

👉Part 1 : Basic Introduction of PLUTOS and Guest Juan Capilla is Ceo of PLUTOS Network

👉Part 2: Guest Juan Capilla is Ceo of PLUTOS Network will answer community questions.

👉Part 3: All members can ask anything directly about PLUTOS Network

Mr Bụt, [11.06.21 20:02]

hello @juan_plutos

how are you today?

Juan Capilla

Feeling good!

Crazy busy, but excited

Mr Bụt

Yes we will start with part I AMA

Group will be muted for AMA to start

👉Part 1 : Basic Introduction of PLUTOS and Guest Juan Capilla is Ceo of PLUTOS Network

Please give a brief about the project and yourself? @juan_plutos

Juan Capilla

Yes, happy to!

This is Juan Capilla, CEO of Plutos Network.

I’m a graduate of Economic and Business Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid. I’m a serial entrepreneur in both traditional financial industry and cryptocurrencies. I also run the largest crypto mining company in Northern Spain.

I run my own head office as a full-time swing trader dealing with cryptos, financial and derivative products including stocks, options etc. Besides trading financial products and cryptos, I’m also an Advisor to several companies listed on the Alternative Stock Market (MAB of Spain).

So about Plutos Network

Plutos Network is a multi-chain synthetic issuance & derivative trading platform which introduces mining incentives and Staking rewards to users. By integrating Blockchains such as Solana, BSC and Polkadot, enabling on-chain and cross-chain liquidity and trading, Plutos Network is to offer users synthetic issuance and trading services for a wide range of synthetic products which are sustainable, profitable and disruptive to the traditional derivative market.


Mr Bụt

Yes thank you for the brief introduction of the project we will move to part II

Juan Capilla


Mr Bụt

👉Part 2: Guest Juan Capilla is Ceo of PLUTOS Network will answer community questions from to form

Question 1 : Security and reliability are the factors that are most concerned by users in the blockchain system. Where is PLUTOS Network’s transparency reflected? @juan_plutos

Juan Capilla

Yes, good question!

Definitely security is №1 priority for a platform like Plutos. Let me share some measures that we will be applying: 1, We will employ top third-party auditors to go through our smart contracts and codes, and make sure that we are tight in security; 2, We will be building a pool using the transaction fees and commission of the platform to act as a back-up vault, in case of such losses, compensations can be made by using the capital here; 3, We will be working with DeFi insurance protocols to offer easy-to-access insurance for users. So in case of such incidents, users can also be compensated from third party insurance providers. In regards to transparency, we will maintain project info reports and share with the community on regular and frequent basis. Also, all transactions in Plutos Network will be recorded on-chain, making all tradings transparent and easy to track.

Mr Bụt
Yes thanks for the great reply from the guest we will continue with question 2

Question 2 : What problems is your project trying to solve to make it easier for Crypto users? Please let us know how evolving the roadmap is right now. What will happen this year and in the future? @juan_plutos

Juan Capilla


Happy to share our latest proress and future deliveries!

So the mission and why Plutos was founded is that, the team including me and CEO Leon found out that there have been so many limitations facing the DeFi synthetic market as Ether-based platforms have some limits such as high gas fee, low transaction, low scalability etc. We are both veteran traders and Leon is a professional in trading system design and development. So we built Plutos to offer the best solutions for DeFi synthetics. We have been making great progress: 1, we completed chain-bridge and sub-parachain modules which enable the communications with Polkadot parachains and integration with Solana and BSC; 2, We will be launching our Staking product on 15th next week. To celebrate we will be holding a “Faucet Airdrop”, so do join our community for updates! 3, Our main-net product will be launched in July and we are on track for this delivery!


Mr Bụt
Yes, thanks for the information from the guest’s reply, let’s continue with the 3rd question

Question 3 : There are 3 core issues prevalent in crypto and blockchain: Security, Interoperability, and Scalability. How does $ PLUTOS plan to overcome these issues? @juan_plutos

Juan Capilla

Good question!

Let me explain

First, we do multi-chain structure. By doing so, we will be offering a perfect solution for the current limitations that Ether-based platforms have when it comes to Security, Interoperability and Scalability. We use a sub-parachain and chain-bridge module to connect and communicate with Polkadot para-chains through Rococo etc. These modules will also help cross-chain functionalities when we integrate Solana and BSC. Second, Solana and BSC can be a perfect combination to offer upgraded ETH killers, they will be working on Defi even when ETH offers scaling solutions in production. Solana is clearly more of a rising infrastructure for more Dapps to be built upon for higher scalability and faster transactions. BSC/Solana have sufficient momentum to maintain a meaningful percentage of DeFi activity once they have multiple ETH scaling solutions in production.


Mr Bụt

Yes thanks for the answer, let’s continue with the 4th question

Question 4 : I think you guys are doing very well! I just have a question related to the financial situation: Considering the bear market that has now lasted for some time, and might continue to do so for even longer; how is the PLUTOS doing in terms of funding to be able to keep up the development of the product and introduce new partnerships for years to come? @juan_plutos

Juan Capilla

Well, actually we are to close the fundraise real soon. The total raise in two the last two rounds was quite successful and we managed to close it. Alsom we will be doing our IDO very soon. Think that currently the team is well funded for at least one year for technology and business developments. Besides, the most important factor is that Plutos Network will enjoy a very healthy business mode that the commission fees payable to the platform will be sufficient to keep us running in the long term.


Mr Bụt

We will continue with the last question before moving on to part III AMA

Juan Capilla


Mr Bụt

Question 5 : NFT is considered to be the next crypto industry trend after DeFi. Can you share your opinion on the NFT? Where do you see the future evolution of NFT’s features and capabilities in the coming years?

Juan Capilla

Yes, NFT is the hot trend and we are finding a way for combination. Actually team and I did our research and studies on how can we apply NFT into synthetics. We found out that the mechanism of NFT by applying ERC721 standard to make each token unique and special through tokenization has similar ideology as synthetics. With the growing of DeFi and NFT, more real-world assets can be tokenized and minted to issue synthetic assets. When it comes to Plutos, yes, we will be first exploring a way of combining NFT into synthetics, probably starting with our protocol similar to ERC721 in the future. But definitely we will be doing a lot in NFT as we stronger share the same idea that NFT will bring more new values and innovations to real-world and vice versa.


Mr Bụt

Yes, thanks for the questions and answers from the guests, we will move on to part III of the AMA

The group will be open for anyone to ask questions
Question : What’s been the most exciting developments for you, on a technological and business development level?
These are several exciting milestones that we have made lately: 1, We established partnership with Elrond, Chainlink, Cellframe, Razor for technical integration in order to make Plutos Network the best DeFi synthetic platform offering the best user experience. 2, We completed the Staking product, waiting to be launched on 15th and will introduce a “Faucet Airdrop” event as I mentioned; 3, We close our fundraise supported by top world leading VCs and communities. And we will be holding a Dual IDO very soon! 4, We have completed several keynot modules and several essential smart contracts. You can check our GitHub:
Question : Which one of these aspects important for you?

1-Increasing Token Price&Value

2-Empowering Platform Development

3-Building Community Trust

4-Expanding Partnership Globally

In what order?
This is a very interesting question! Well, for a platform like Plutos Network, the №1 priority is product, product and product. Then the order of these 4 aspects should be: 2>3>4>1. The reason is that we do see technology development as the most critical matter for us, because if we want to bring the product with best user experience, we have to be strong in technology. ALso, community and business development are keys to continuous growth and user base expansion. If we can do the aforesaid well, the token price and value will be easily maintained and appreciated.
Question : Can you indicate a feature or feature that you like best about the platform so that it can compete with other competitors? What are you most confident about for your platform? Do you have plans to get users to choose your platform?
Let me share this pic for better understanding. The key features that Plutos Network has include: a multi-chain structure for higher scalability and faster transactions; Lower C-ratio for higher capital efficiency; Embracing Solana ecosystem for continuous future growth; Infinite Liquidty by integrating the liquidity from leading DEXs such as 1inch, Pancake, Uniswap; Team’s proficiency in traditional finance market and rich experience in trading is another big edge we have!
Question : What is PROJECT’s revenue model? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit?
The revenue mode of Plutos Network is quite simple and easy to understand. When users mint and trade synthetic assets on Plutos Network, commission fees will be payable to the platform. Approximately 0.3% of the value is deducted from all synthetic trading volume and 0.03% of notional amount is charged for Plutos synthetic issuance including products like swaps, options and perpetuals. With the continuous expansion of our user base and business, we will witness a super healthy business and revenue mode.
Question : For Every Project in Market needs Adoption and awareness ! So, Whats the Future main plans PLUTOS planned for the Adoption/ Awareness ?
Great question! We have great plans in terms of adoption and awareness. 1, We will be working closely with our partners for global expansion via technical integration and business collaborations; 2, We will be working with local communities such as VIC in important markets such as Vitenam, Korea, China and of course English speaking markets to go deep into the places where users come from and learn from them for their requirements and needs; 3, We will be working with our backers across the globe for better awareness; 4, Most importantly, the product is the best marketing itself. We will let the product speak, because no matter how much you do with marketing and promotions, the users will only be retained and increase because you have the best product!

Thank you, guys! I wish I have more time here. Just love this community!

But have to go as I have another AMA waiting, lol

I do enjoy this one!

You have a great community!

Mr Bụt

Thank you to everyone who attended our AMA today and everyone who joined our AMA today

Juan Capilla

Muchas gracias!

Please do follow and join us




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More airdrops will come!!!
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