Recap AMA VIC Group with L.A.B.S

Today we will have an AMA with L.A.B.S with guests Yuen Wong CEO of LABS Group
My name is Yuen and I’m the CEO of LABS Group.

I have been involved in many blockchain projects as I have been a Managing Partner of an exchange, and finally decided to launch LABS project as I that it can change the way people invest in properties.
Do allow me to share the quick intro below:
LABS business description

LABS is Digitised Real Estate Investment Ecosystem comprising of:

Primary Issuance platform which is Crowdfunding for early stage real estate projects;

Secondary issuance platform which is deemed to be first ever regulated Digitised Real Estate Exchange.

Auxiliary components which are project management and DeFi staking pool and collateralised lending platform to allow rewards sharing and leveraging respectively.

LABS is developed to solve the 3 Main industry Pain points:

1. Illiquidity

2. High barrier to investment

3. Market inefficiencies (due to issues including geographical, legality and local knowledge etc)

LABS is to change the way people invest in global quality properties.
Thanks for an introduction and a brief overview of L.A.B.S I have a few questions just for you, are you ready ? @Yuen_Wong
Sure, let’s go🙂
Thanks , Question1: Why did you choose the name “L.A.B.S” what does it mean? @Yuen_Wong
Well, LABS stands for liquifying asset backed securities….asset backed securities are shares and derivatives that have their value backed by certain assets, such as gold and properties…. That is, things of value
Liquifying means bringing liquidity to this asset class🙂
And this is our mission. However, LABS focus on real estate as it is the biggest asset class ready to be disrupted.
Thanks for the reply from the guest we will come to question 2 : What is the goal for 2021, you can summarize it for everyone here to refer to? @Yuen_Wong
Well, we have been working very hard to perfect the business model, the system, the tokenomics and the team.

So to us, 2021 of the year to really launch it. And make it big.
Many blockchain projects are very empty, or even scammy, and we want to change that. We want to have real value brought to people.

We want to have everyday people able to invest in properties.
In the next month or so, we will start by announcing our regulated digital exchange License. And we will announce many partnerships.
Of coz, the most important in 2021 is to complete LABS fundraising and then get listed on many good exchanges. And then have many good real estate projects listed either on our Crowdfunding platform or digitised real estate exchange, the first in the world. Done
Thanks for the answer, I hope to see L.A.B.S excel with new information in the future, looking forward to it.
Let’s do it together!
Mr Bụt

We will continue to part II Yuen Wong CEO of LABS will answer community questions from to twitter

First question for part II : which markets does @labsgroupio focus mostly right now and how do you think about vietnam market and Specially #VIC community ? @Yuen_Wong
Sure . Well, we had already done another AMA in another Vietnamese Telegram community, and it worked so well. We were immediately approached by Investors and we did successfully raised good funding as they believe in our project, vision and potential .
So I think Vietnamese market is s very good market for us, as Vietnam people know the importance of real estate, and also know how blockchain can change this sector. I think we all know that real estate investment can be made better, easier, and more cost effective.
Of course, we are also looking at other Asian countries, including China and other South East Asia.

And we can’t forget Europe as well.

So these are the regions for us to focus right now.
As for VIC community, let’s see how you guys like our project, of which I’m confident as we have a strong team and concept, plus real traction.

So let us know! Let me be convinced and overwhelmed😀
Yes you will see that people are interested in the project when it comes to Part III, it will be coming soon
Question 2 : What are the benefits of holding $LAB tokens for long term?Where can I get $LAB tokens?Is it listed on any exchange so that I can buy it?Also will there be any burning program for $LAB token? @Yuen_Wong
Well, . LABS has great token design, economics and usage, and address to both markets looking for short and long term rewards:

We have our own very special G.A.I.N.S token model:





…Staking (for rewards)
Governance as in we allow our token holders to jointly vote and hence govern on key management issues, such as altering the level of Rewards, for example
Access as in we give early access to token holders so that they can view those projects that we are launching and decide whether to invest in those property projects.
Incentives as in if LABS token holders decided to invest in those those estate projects, we will provide special discounts and such.
Nomination… We allow our token holders to nominate projects that they think should be listed in our ecosystem…. And if we do list them, they get incentives.
Staking… If holders status their tokens in the staking pool, LABS ecosystem 80 percent profit will be used to buy from open markets and then distribute accordingly to proportion to those staked token holders… Thereby driving the price up . So you can see there are many benefits of LABS tokens.
And it is a utility token that will have liquidity, as we will list our tokens on several good exchanges by end March. Done
Thanks for the guest answer question 3 :

What are the unique points of your staking program compared with other crypto projects? Why should I choose LABS for staking? @Yuen_Wong
Well some blockchain projects they reward you back with their project tokens which might not have any value to back it up.
However, LABS ecosystem is a complete business model with several incomes, including listing fees, advisory fees, transaction fees and success fees from those projects listed on LABS different platforms.
And these incomes will be used to buy back the tokens from the open market and then the tokens will then be distributed to those who staked.

Hence our system can address to the need of Hodlers as well as short term Speculators. So with us, the tokens will always have values. Done
Thanks for the answer we will continue with question 4:

Question: Security, scalability, data privacy are very important how do you handle these issues ?? How L.A.B.S will promote the management and circulation of tokens and to build a technical foundation to promote the L.A.B.S economy? @Yuen_Wong

Well, if you look at our LABS team, you will also see a lot of blockchain experts. So we will take care of the security issues diligently

We also work with our strategic partners, including Rio Defi, who will help us on system integrity.
Furthermore, we are a regulated exchange and approved by the government, and we are for sure in for the long run, hence we will not take any risk including risking privacy issues and such.Done
Yes thanks, we will go to the last question of part II and after the answer will go to part III of AMA

Last question : How innovation does LABS group bring people to buy real estate globally without having to go through regulations, restrictions and knowledge? @Yuen_Wong
Well, first of all, what we will do is we will conduct the basic due diligence on those real estate projects including who are the real estate developers, whether they have good reputation.
We will ensure that proper legal structure is set up so that digitisation can follow thru. We will of course have legal professionals in the team to ensure the process is done correctly and smoothly. So after which, when we digitise, or tokenise, everyone’s interest is protected.
Thru digitisation, we will make buying overseas property very easy, you just need internet connection and a digital wallet🙂
Furthermore, because now the property is tokenised, you can buy as low as 100 USD. And rental income or sales proceeds can be easily distributed to the taken holder’s wallet. Seamless, low costs, and as easy as ABC🙂
We do all the hard work, and your hardest decision is which one and how much to buy🙂And we also have the DeFi lending platform and investors can choose to stake and borrow their property tokens and buy more other property tokens, that is, getting leverages.

Just like the traditional way except it is easier and quicker. No need to go to the banks and fill forms and wait for weeks! Done
Mr Bụt

Yes thanks to all the great responses from the guest we will continue with part III . Everyone prepares the question, the group will be unmute within 2 minutes
@Yuen_Wong can you feel it ?
Haha yes, give me a bit of time
You can choose and answer interesting questions from among hundreds of questions from the community.
Question : If anybody thinks your project really likes a scam project, and they can not trust this project. How do you make them believe in your project?
LABS is the choice here because not only it is solid in its concept, it has great potential as it is changing the way people invest in global properties.

Imagine when a platform allows its users to easily invest in overseas properties in smaller amounts, as low as 100 USD, how disruptive is that? We have worked very hard to reach this stage.

And how many projects you have seen have such a comprehensive team from different fields and are real professionals? This includes member of renowned family, blockchain specialists, listco chairman, and real estate professionals.

Please spend some time to go thru our website and you will know we are the real deal
Question : Are you planning to promote your project in different countries, where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?
Yes, certainly we think big and we think international. As mentioned, with blockchain technology, we make cross border transactions seamless on a low cost way.

Just imagine you can buy and sell real estate in seconds and get the payment or assets in seconds too.

As such we intend to go to different markets and have different languages and localised the marketing, so that more people learn about us and understand the benefits of our systems, and then are able to buy global properties at even 100usd levels.

We want to make this world a fairer place, since real estate Investments are only possible for s few privileged ones.
Question : I am late join your presale event ?
Well, we are doing our private round fund raising now. So it is never too late.

However, if you are only buying a smaller amount, we also encourage you to join in bit at public round stage, which will be March.

Please follow our Telegram and Twitter and we will make regular announcements.
Question : Usually the project only tells about their strengths. Can you tell us honestly about the weaknesses of your project? And what are your plans to solve it?
LABS potential weakness could be that there is currently no real successful models out there that we can really learn from.

However, none out there have such s great team and concept and achieved so much till now like us.

And don’t forget we are a full Digitised Real Estate Investment Ecosystem, and the world first Digitised Real Estate Exchange
Question : Could you tell us more about your partnerships and collaborations? Why are they so important and will we see more strategic partnerships soon?
All current partnerships are listed or on website, and I will highlight some of the names here, Rio DeFi, Centrifuge (both are big on the DeFi areas), KC Securities which is the largest New Zealand property fund, VIP Thailand Which is offering resorts deal to us etc

And we have more coming, including one of the largest NFT projects as well as one of the largest lending platform projects.

Plus of coz, more property developers really want to work with us. It is so encouraging!
Question : what is your vision? why you adopt this kind of business?
Game changer. Disruptive player. Blockchain unicorn. We want to be all of these.

We want people to see and yet don’t see blockchain, meaning that people will realise the disruptive nature blockchain would bring and yet when they use our system, it is so easy that they won’t know blockchain is in play.

LABS want to change the way People Invest in real estate. LABS want to make the work fairer and even everyday people like you and me can invest in global quality properties.

LABS want to encourage financial inclusion and fair play.
Question : What are the types of users on your project? How do you keep all users to stay with your project for the longterm?
The type of investors will be Rebekah investors like you and me, able to buy proprieties at 100 USD and without much hassle.

Of coz there would be another kind of investors who want a safe place to park their digital assets and keep the worth. What could be safer than real estate?
Question : What does LABS plan to do to attract more users in the upcoming time?
We will do heavy marketing on user acquisition. In order for an ecosystem to work, we need to have many everyday investors.

We also have user retention strategy. In we intend to pay out daily rental returns to the property token holder’s wallets directly, so that everyday they see the amount increasing.

On top of that, we will reward with an equal level of LABS tokens, so that not only they get stake income, they might be pleasantly surprised by the extra incomes that LABS tokens can bring.
All these are made possible as blockchain will make all things done much more efficiently and cost effectively than the traditional way.
Question : Revenue is an important aspect for all projects in order to survive and keep the project / company up and running. What is LABS GROUP way of generating profit / revenue? What is the income model?
Hi Shin, the incomes will be generated by advisory fees (we advise projects how to set up their legal structure and how to go on digitisation), success fees (helping Projects raised their funds), transaction fees (when buy and sell happens on our exchange), lending platform fees (when people stake their tokens and borrow) etc
Question : Your project is look so good. Can you tell some about your team and their experiences in the market?
LABS has a strong team with knowledge, ability, credentials and network in real estate, blockchain, finance and legal to make this project works.

LABS is a huge project that can really disrupt the world, so only a comprehensive and compete team can achieve this, and believe we got it at this stage.

Question : However we will keep improving it depending on the state of developmental needs.
In the bad situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, every industry was heavily affected. Does it affect on the growth of your project team and its ?

Quick answers here: despite that the situation is not s good one for most, it is somehow good for projects like LABS.

As people can’t travel much and they are more used to Digitalisation.

Plus now property developers are more willing to discuss with us to find new ways of raising funds. Covid has hit then badly.

So now we are in both buyer and seller markets.
Question : I am a crypto investor and I only care about prospect of a crypto that I choose, tell me the reason why I should choose LABS over the existing one ?
LABS key highlights:

1. Real estate is the largest asset class (>228tn USD) and the way people invest in it can be disrupted.

Digitised Property on blockchain offered to global investors thru crowdfunding and digital exchange is the answer.

2. LABS ecosystem solves all real estate investment pain points:

… Illiquidity

… High barrier of entry

… High transactional and exit costs


Fractionalising real estate investment

Global Crowdfunding utilising digital currencies

Transactions and distributions on blockchain

Exchange offering and trading

3. LABS revolutionary and wholistic business model is an ecosystem comprising 3 different layers focusing solely on real estate:

…advisory and management

… Issuance and crowdfunding platform

… licensed digital security exchange

4. LABS augmented its ecosystem by incorporating DeFi solutions, including staking pool, Dex and lending platform.

LABS crowdfunding platform is built on Polkadot with their support.

5. LABS has traction and project pipelines:

… Advisory and management deals done

… Issuance and crowdfunding platform fully ready

… Digital security exchange license obtained and in UX/UI testing and finalisation stage.

… LABS already have projects officially agreed to be launched

6. LABS has great token design, economics and usage, and address to both markets looking for short and long term rewards:

G.A.I.N.S model:





…Staking (for rewards)

7. LABS has strong international strategic partnerships in both blockchain and property sectors:



…Greater China


…Middle East

8. LABS has a strong team with knowledge, ability, credentials and network in real estate, blockchain, finance and legal to make this project works.

9. LABS is strategically located for this project:

Hong Kong is property crazed and a place where most property groups are headquartered here.

It is hintered by a newly rich China where many investors look to invest in overseas properties to diversify their risks and returns.

10. The timing is perfect:

… Adoption of Crypto currencies (even by institutions)

… Advent of CBDC/DCEP (aka digital RMB) raised awareness and acceptance

… Covid further expedites digital revolution as well as making property owners more willing to explore other ways

In short, LABS will deliver value and the token value will take care of itself🙂
Question : What are the main differences between the Labs Group and other Real Estate serviceS? Why is Labs Group better?
LABS make use of blockchain technology, and hence the use of Digitalisation, to make real estate investment:

Low cost of involvement

Low cost of transactional

Able to cross border easily

Able to exit easily

Obtain liquidity
Question : Recently LABS has partnered with RioDeFi. What role will RioDeFi play in LABS with this new partnership? What will be the pillars on which they will work together to achieve important milestones for both platforms?
Rio Defi will assist LABS in making sure that all on chain transactions can be done seamlessly and in a low cost manner (imagine the current ETH gas price now).

Rio Defi will also help us to communicate with different blockchain protocols so that we make the market in even bigger with much more liquidity.
Question : What is the minimum amount for staking?
100USDT is enough
Question : What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2021? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?
Fund raise completion

Exchange listing

Project listings on our exchange
Hi Vic Community, thanks for all the questions.

Feel free to ask more in LABS Telegram group.

And check out our social links:
Thank you for the guest and thank you to everyone who joined the Ama session today





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