AMA VIC Group with MoonSwap Exchange

Baby Whale — Host AMA

Today we will have AMA with MoonSwap Exchange — A high-speed trading experience delivered by TPS recognized by community members and guest @MrMoon007 — Founder of MoonSwap

MR.Moon — Founder MoonSwap

Hello everyone

Baby Whale — Host AMA

We ama will consist of 3 parts:

👉 Part 1: Basic Introduction of MoonSwap Exchange and @MrMoon007 — Founder of MoonSwap

👉Part 2: Guest @MrMoon007 — Founder of MoonSwap will answer community questions. People can post questions to twitter

👉Part 3: All members can ask anything directly about MoonSwap Exchange

Baby Whale — Host AMA

And we’ll start with Part 1 :

Basic Introduction of MoonSwap Exchange and Mr Moon — Founder of MoonSwap

Baby Whale — Host AMA

Please introduce yourself and MoonSwap exchange to everyone ? @MrMoon007

MR.Moon — Founder MoonSwap


MR.Moon — Founder MoonSwap

MoonSwap is a Next-Generation Protocol for DEX, as well as the First and the Best AMM DEX runing on Ethereum L2 now.

MoonSwap is supported by Conflux Network and Cross-Chain Asset Protocol ShuttleFlow. All users with Ethereum assets can now enjoy the whole new “High-Speed and 0 GAS” trading experience.

Meanwhile, thanks to our cross-chain development capacity, we will develop protocols in the future to call L1 assets for asset management. Overall, MoonSwap can be regarded as a combination of Uniswap and with higher efficiency.

Baby Whale — Host AMA

Thanks for the brief introduction I have more question: Does MoonSwap have plans to introduce more properties?

MR.Moon — Founder MoonSwap

MoonSwap has already launched the A Thousand Planets program to expand our asset list.

The aim is to make our 0-Gas and high-speed trading experience accessible for more.

Currently, we are in negotiation with some quality projects. In the near future, more assets will be added to MoonSwap ecosystem. And we hope that more projects will reach out to us and form a partnership with us.

Baby Whale — Host AMA

That’s great news, we can trade more assets on Moonswap

Thanks for answer, and i have last question: as I know, MoonSwap is the world’s first project to complete the asset migration and adoption.What have you been doing lately and what have your accomplished?

MR.Moon — Founder MoonSwap

Since the decreasing popularity of liquid mining around the globe, apart from the previously mentioned seeking for more adoption scenarios and expanding our asset list, we are also focusing on our product itself.

MoonSwap has finished the internal testing and community-oriented closed testing of the APP, which support multiple wallets. The APP will be released soon.

We are creating a DeFi+NFT+Game ecosystem. We have introduced ConFi City NFT, Genesis NFT, and supported the transfer of NFT. We will soon launch the first NFT DEX on top of Conflux mainnet.

As Conflux migrated to Tethys, we completed the migration of millions of USD worth of assets as well.

We have launched the FC / CFX trading pair.

Baby Whale — Host AMA

Thanks for all your answers. I think that’s a great introduction and it also ends part 1

Baby Whale — Host AMA

are u ready? @MrMoon007

MR.Moon — Founder MoonSwap

let’s go

Baby Whale — Host AMA

we will continue with part 2

Guest @MrMoon007 — Founder of MoonSwap will answer community questions (questions to twitter)

Baby Whale — Host AMA

We’ll start with the first question:

I usually use Uniswap for my trades, why should I migrate to MoonSwap? Isn’t the switch to cTokens too complicated? Is it as easy to use as Uniswap?

MR.Moon — Founder MoonSwap

Well, first of all, MoonSwap is an AMM DEX running on L2 and has successfully saved our users more than $1 million in GAS fees.

Trading on Uniswap has two problems, high GAS fees, and Ethereum congestion. MoonSwap solves these two problems. MoonSwap uses Conflux as the Ethereum Layer2 solution to provide users with a brand new AMM trading experience with 0 GAS fees, high speed, and smoothness.

How to make MoonSwap more convenient for users is also a question we are always asking ourselves. MoonSwap can use the Metamask and ConfluxPortal extensions installed in your browser at the same time, so you can convert your ERC20 tokens into cToken with just a few clicks. As for trading on MoonSwap, the experience is way better than over Uniswap. In short, faster and cheaper.

Welcome everyone to experience MoonSwap:

Baby Whale — Host AMA

Thanks for all your answers. I think that’s a great introduction.

I believe the answer will make your love to MoonSwap rather than UniSwap at the present time. Let’s experience MoonSwap :

Baby Whale — Host AMA

we will continue with question 2:

Can you explain how Moonswap obtain zero gas fee which infact we know that some ERC-20 tokens entails a high gas fees for transaction? What mechanism being applied and what solution is in the box?

MR.Moon — Founder MoonSwap

MoonSwap is an ecological project on the Conflux public chain. First of all, due to the “Tree-Graph” architecture adopted by Conflux, the GAS fee per transaction is very low compared to Ethereum.

In addition, the Conflux Foundation will pay commissions for all transactions on MoonSwap. Hence, users don’t have to pay GAS fees.

Baby Whale — Host AMA

Thanks for answer

we will continue with question 3:

Why anyone should invest in MoonSwap for long term investment? What is greatest strength of MoonSwap ? Tell us some such feature that people / users should invest in MoonSwap and this project will get the support of community.

MR.Moon — Founder MoonSwap

Well, we have already mentioned the main advantages of MoonSwap: 0 gas fees and a high-speed smooth trading experience.

MoonSwap is a community project, all tokens are released through mining. 0 fundraising 0 pre-mining. Moreover, MOON adopts a deflation mechanism and will take out 0.05% of transaction fees to carry out MOON repurchase and burning. At the same time, we also keep introducing more use cases & features for MOON, such as the creation of NFT and Confi NFT for MoonSwap.

The first thing we need to realize is that MoonSwap is already an existing SWAP. Many people are now talking about AMM DEX “running on Layer 2”, but most of them are just concepts and MoonSwap has achieved these things more than a month ago and has saved more than 1 million US dollars in GAS fees for our users. I can say that MoonSwap is the best AMM DEX currently available. Our core business — trading, high-speed, and 0 GAS trading, is very competitive in the market, and the value of MoonSwap will also be reflected through it.

In addition to DEX in the DeFi world, there are other businesses too. We will gradually introduce them to MoonSwap. The capabilities we have will help us accomplish these things more efficiently and cheaper. What you will see in the future is not just an exchange called “MoonSwap”, but a complete MoonSwap ecosystem.

Baby Whale — Host AMA
we will continue with question 4 :

Can you briefly explain how the Top milestones that the Moonswap team aims to execute before the end of this year or going to execute in future, will help them succeed and What Moonswap may look like in 2021 and beyond?

MR.Moon — Founder MoonSwap

We will update our roadmap soon and put it on Gitbook, I can share some in advance.

We will do 3 things in the near future:

1. More liquidity. We will introduce more trading pairs in MoonSwap, which means that there will be new users and new assets entering MoonSwap.

2. More deflationary scenarios. In the past, we have completed several $MOON deflation plans, and we will continue to create new ones in the future.

3. More use cases for $MOON. $MOON is an extremely important part of the MoonSwap ecosystem. As you need to hold $MOON to participate in the ConFi NFT we sold before, including our first NFT trading platform on the Conflux chain, our staking, the games we are introducing, and many more other products, it will eventually become more and more useful.

Baby Whale — Host AMA

we will continue with last question :

There are mixed opinions that your project was not good when started so what have you done to keep your project successful and survived till now? And what have you do to attract ‘stubborn’ users to use MoonSwap?

MR.Moon — Founder MoonSwap

This is an interesting topic.

When MoonSwap was just launched, some people thought it was a rug-pull scam, some people didn’t believe that MoonSwap would stay long, and some said that we would sell all MOON tokens and disappear. But it has been two months now since the launch, and we have already completed asset migration worth millions of USD. Accumulatively, MoonSwap has saved more than 1 million USD worth of Gas fee for users.

Currently, MoonSwap is the most successful AMM DEX running on L2. Additionally, we have introduced NFT assets and the first NFT DEX on Conflux. We are realizing our goals by step. This journey won’t be easy since it’s an innovative one and we have very limited lessons to learn. However, as long as the general direction is correct, we will continue to explore.

Our community is the strength that we can rely on. I enjoy having discussions with our community. And we have given the 50,000 FC rewarded by Conflux to the community. Meanwhile, all ConFi NFT revenue we gained were contributed to the community.

I think product and community are the two main reasons that we will always stay here and go further. We welcome your participation in our community and enjoy our products.

Baby Whale — Host AMA

Thanks for your enthusiastic answers about MoonSwap. Let MoonSwap reach out to the world. We will always accompany with you @MrMoon007